August 2012

2012 CIWF Lineup

The 2012 Colorado Independent Women of Film Festival took place August 16, 17 and 18 and featured the following films:

Assassins – promo (03:00)
Deb Flomberg

Packed (23:00)
Angie Burnham and Mary Ann Williamson

Killing Time (01:30)
Jane Mora

Moving On (01:30)
Wendy Duncan

Messenger from Above – (13:30)
Cari Smith
Conari Arts

Motel Love (10:00)
Mai-Quyen Tran

It’s Done (03:00)
Eva Geisness

String Theory (03:30)
Sophia Rose and Adrianna Veal

The Poet (06:00)
Jane Darling

The Storage Unit (06:00)
Christine McQuillen
Paddy Wagon Films

The Breath Beneath (05:00)
Tara Rynder

Elizabeth? (10:00)
Molly O’Connell

Reset (08:00)
Eileen Agosta
Twelve Monkeys Dancing Films

Web of Lies (11:00)
Kathryn Gould

Arthur Lakes: Discovering Dinosaurs (60:00)
Dr. Beth Simmons,Marjorie Payne and Wendy Wham

The Good, The Bad & The Medieval (16:00)
Elizabeth Karsell
The Pitch (19:30)
Elizabeth Karsell

Team SPIRIT – Ghost of Delmonico Manor (10:00)
Kris Hipps
PaperCat Films

Underground (08:00)
Alana Lively
Lively Films

Last Call (01:30)
Darcy Beery

Helping Hands (04:30)
Jacque Abplanalp
Vocatus Productions

Til The Earth – promo (03:30)
Jacque Abplanalp
Vocatus Productions

Debacle (03:15)
Jamey Hastings
You May Clap Films

Don’t Be A P*ssy! (05:00)
Eileen Agosta
Nebulus Visions

The Rose Garden (15:45)
Pamela CumingAngel Street Films

Kagen Schaefer – 2012 (05:00)
Georgina Guidotti and Kelly Ronan
Open Media Foundation
Denver Open Media

Breach (05:00)
Eileen Agosta
Twelve Monkeys Dancing Films

She Moves (01:30)
Shanyn Maddox
New Elm Media

The Barking Horse (03:00)
Christine McQuillen
Paddy Wagon Films

Waking Eyes (13:00)
Sarah R. Lofti
White Cloud Films LLC

Menschen – trailer (01:45)
Sarah R. Lofti
White Cloud Films LLC

The Necklace (06:00)
MaryLee Herrmann
M.L. Herrmann Productions, LLC