2013 CIWF Lineup

We’re pleased to announce the lineup of films for the 2013 Colorado Independent Women of Film Festival!

For our third annual festival we’ll be screening works from more than 30 local filmmakers in a wide range of genres, including features, documentaries and shorts.  We’ll see the return of some of Denver’s finest filmmakers and debut pieces from several first time participants.  It’s shaping up to be an incredible year for women in the Colorado filmmaking community… don’t miss even a minute of it!

Colorado Independent Women of Film takes place August 16th & 17th at The Bug Theatre, as part of The Emerging Filmmakers Project.  We’ll be posting the full schedule with screening times shortly, so stay tuned!


Clockwise (08:50)
Susan Dorsey

Aryl & Ybur (6:45)
Tara Tusher

A Little Death (2:45)
Mamiko Ikeda

Roses In December (11:30)
Lauryn Guerrieri

The Journey Back (12:30)
Sara Starr

Denver Medium (6:00)
Julie DeLuna

Spacegirl Battle 2121 (11:00)
Susan Sebanc

Mayan Renaissance (53:00)
Elizabeth Holloway

Naked Garden (3:30)
Sophia Rose

Desperation Thursday (2:00)
Drai Lloyd

Words (6:00)
Amanda Prentiss

Dichotomy (4:00)
Cari Smith

The Note (7:00)
Amy Shaffner

Mom Says (09:00)
Christine McQuillen

Trauma (a scene from the feature, currently in production) (04:00)
Eileen Agosta

Clark’s Edible Cupcake Liners (2:00)
Wendy Duncan

A Woman’s Place (4:30)
Ashley Nagel

Bound by Blood (trailer) (1:45)
Kathryn Gould

The One Who Loves You (trailer) (2:30)
Katharyn Grant

Grown (6:00)
Lauren Enberg

My Island & Me Trailer (12:00)
Julia Andersen

Busan Haps (promo video) (6:00)
Nichole Post

The Video Dead (5:30)
Midian Crosby

Wait for Me (4:30)
Kendra Fleischman

Caged Starling (8:00)
Jhene Chase

The Fantastic Finneas Frook (trailer) (1:30)
Jhene Chase

Independence (01:44:00)
Margaret Norwood

Love, Dad (2:30)
Cait Viscardi

The Wealth of Independence (2:30)
Katrina Greschner

is this how opium feels….. (4:30)
Anna Schreiner

Smokestack (2:45)
Ash Collins

The Hands of the Carpenter (18:00)
Patrick Sheridan

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