Colorado Independent Women of Film returns to The Bug Theatre March 18th & 19th, 2018!

CIWF_LogoColorado Independent Women of Film celebrates a unique style, perspective, and artistic vision within Colorado’s indie filmmaking community. The two-night festival features short films (narrative and documentary), music videos, experimental works, trailers, web-based programming, animations and excerpts from feature-length movies, with the filmmakers in attendance to take part in a spirited ‘talkback’ with the audience.  Films that have been produced, directed, written, or edited by women who call Colorado home will receive the highest priority. Movies featuring Colorado actresses, cinematographers, or other prominent contributions by local women will also be considered.

“The female voice is sorely unrepresented in mainstream cinema,” says filmmaker and CIWF Program Director Eileen Agosta. “Women make up 50% of the population, but according to numbers compiled by Indiewire.com, over the last five years less than 5% of feature films released by a major studio were directed by a woman. There is a large and talented community of female filmmakers working in all aspects of film production in Denver, and Colorado Independent Women of Film provides an opportunity for the community to hear from these filmmakers and get their unique perspective.”

“I think anyone who likes movies should attend,” says filmmaker Kristine Hipps. “So many people’s experience with movies is limited to what they see in their local Cineplex, they have no idea of the myriad of forms out there –short, alternative, experimental, documentary, etc., and that they can be as entertaining and thought-provoking as anything on the ‘big screen.’”

“It was thanks to encouragement from local film community members like those at Colorado Independent Woman of Film that gave me the push and desire to direct the short film Juice,” says “Monster” Midian Crosby, who screened her film Juice at the 2014 festival. “After 12 years of film work, I FINALLY directed my own short film! Liberating! Now I’m ready for the next one (or several)!”

“For Plan 9 Studios, sponsoring CIWF is about hearing a perspective different than our own through the unique experiences of women in the film industry – stretching us a bit out of our comfort zone,” says Mike Henderson, owner of Plan 9 Studios, one of the sponsors of this year’s festival. “It’s about encouraging a much needed, but lacking female voice in the art of visual storytelling, but mostly it’s about being around other people who love movies as much as we do.”

“There’s an amazing amount of talent in the Denver filmmaking community, and it’s important that we recognize and celebrate it,” adds Agosta.

Colorado Independent Women of Film is part of The Bug Theatre’s Emerging Filmmakers Project (EFP). The EFP has been showcasing Denver’s locally-produced movies and documentaries the third Thursday of every month since 2002. To date, The EFP has screened more than 1000 locally-produced works. The EFP also sponsors the annual EFPalooza Film Festival. The EFP and all of its associated festivals are a great place to meet and network with area filmmakers, actors, writers and many of the talented folks who work behind the camera.

Local filmmaker Patrick Sheridan is the Director of The EFP and oversees public screenings at The Bug, including Colorado Independent Women of Film and the EFPalooza Festival.  Said Sheridan, “This festival came about because so many women directors, writers, editors, and producers along the Front Range asked if there was something we could do to bring these talented filmmakers together to celebrate their work.  We knew it was a great fit for The Bug because of everything we do with the indie filmmaking community, but it wasn’t until Eileen Agosta came on board that things started moving forward. The Bug is proud to be able to bring together these fantastic artists and showcase their work.”

The Eighth Annual Colorado Independent Women of Film will take place May 18th & 19th, 2018 at The Bug Theatre (3654 Navajo Street, Denver, CO 80232). To learn more visit the CIWF website at www.ciwfdenver.com and The Bug Theatre’s website at www.bugtheatre.org.

Go ahead, call them chick flicks. We dare you.

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