Ashley Matkowsky

Meet the Filmmaker: Ashley Matkowsky, “Partners”


Q: How do you feel about being selected to participate in Colorado Independent Women of Film?
AM: I feel incredibly honored be to have been given the opportunity to see my film shown on the big screen side-by-side with other local women filmmakers.

Q: Who would enjoy attending the festival? Is it just for the filmmaking community, or is there a reason why non-filmmakers should attend?
AM: Anyone who enjoys watching films should come and support our local filmmakers. It’s a chance to see filmmaking in its rawest, purest form before it can be corrupted by Hollywood budgets and box office quotas.

Q: Tell me briefly about yourself and your film/project.
AM: I started out as a percussionist, then a painter and now a filmmaker, something I wanted to do since I was a kid. I’m a big fan of/inspired by Buster Keaton, Harmony Korine, Shawn Christensen, Matt Johnson, Wes Anderson and Mike Mills. I am currently studying at Colorado Film School to become a writer and director.

My project Partners came from the idea of a female Robin Hood and the concept of Cinema Verite. I had an incredible cast and crew to help turn some paper into a film as well as having the opportunity to use a song by UK artist MadColour. This is my first production created while studying at CFS under some truly phenomenal instructors and I hope to show many more in the future.

Q: Tell us one unique thing about you and/or your movies?
AM: I lived in Queens, NY until 2000, lived in Orange County, CA until 2006 and I’ve been in Colorado ever since. Growing up on two major coasts of the country really helped mold my mindset and those experiences I had continuously give me ideas for my films.

Q: What else are you working on?
AM: I am currently working on a few different scripts, two short films and one feature-length adaptation script of one of the shorts. I have been thinking about this feature-length for years so it feels great to be getting started on such an important project to me.

I also do some local political video projects when I’m not working or schooling as I try to stay as politically active as I can, especially in times like these.

Q: Where can people go to find out more about you and your work?
AM: You can check out my website here:
My Facebook page here:
My Youtube Channel here:

I post my new work immediately and keep the community updated on everything art related that I’m up to!

Please contact me via email:

Thank you all for your continuous support of local filmmaking!

Partners will screen Friday, February 10th at 8:00 p.m. at The Bug Theatre.