Pamela Maass

CIWF Filmmaker Interview: Pamela Maass, “Real Funny”

10304975_691106944258105_2064697071389553276_nQ: How do you feel about being selected to participate in Colorado Independent Women of Film?
PM: I feel very excited and honored to participate in CIWF. It’s incredibly wonderful that there is a festival in Colorado dedicated to women in film. It is so important to develop more pathways and opportunities to encourage current and future generations of women to explore and pursue film and storytelling.

Q: What are your hopes for the event?
PM: To continue to expand the community of Colorado film.

Q: How important is it to focus on regional women filmmakers?
PM: The narrative around Colorado film and women in film often feels like a struggle. This festival is an excellent opportunity to break through barriers, and foster more opportunities for both women and men in regional film.

Q: Who would enjoy attending the festival? Is it just for the filmmaking community, or is there a reason why non-filmmakers should attend?
PM: This is a festival for the community. What I love about Colorado is the support for local art and businesses. This festival is a great opportunity to support the local film community.

Q: Tell me briefly about yourself and your film/project.
PM: Real Funny, is an inspiring story about women taking the leap and performing stand up comedy on stage for the first time. If you have ever marveled at stand up comedy or dreamed of being a comedian yourself this a film for you.

Real Funny will screen Saturday, June 13th at 6:00 p.m. at The Bug Theatre.