Vivian Lie

Meet the Filmmaker: Vivian Lie, “Something Better”

vivian051(1)Q: How do you feel about being selected to participate in Colorado Independent Women of Film?
VL: I feel extremely excited and honored to show the film in this festival! The local film community in Denver is like an extended family for many of us who live and work here making films, so what better group to share it with than my acting and filmmaking colleagues.

Q: What are your hopes for the event?
VL: Hopefully it will inspire more female actors to become involved in some of the other facets of filmmaking.

Q: How important is it to focus on regional women filmmakers?
VL: Because of the challenges that we all face in the Colorado film market, it’s in our best interest as female actors and filmmakers to “scratch one another’s backs” so to speak when an event like this comes along.

Q: Who would enjoy attending the festival? Is it just for the filmmaking community, or is there a reason why non-filmmakers should attend?
VL: I feel this festival will be fun for everyone regardless whether or not they are members of the filmmaking community. I had a number of friends who attended the premiere of this film back in April at the Emerging Filmmakers Project. They all said they had a blast and would love to see more independent films, especially at the Bug because it’s such a fun place to go to watch films.

Q: We hold CIWF at The Bug Theatre. Why is The Bug a great home for this event?
VL: The Bug is the quintessential Indie film venue that exudes Indie spirit and soul, unlike the average cookie-cutter film venues that seem to be the norm these days.

Q: Tell me briefly about yourself and your film/project.
VL: I am originally from Brazil and have been living in Colorado for 9 years. I started out as an actress in plays when I was a teenager and got into film acting when I moved to Denver. This is my first effort at producing, co-writing and casting a film. Acting in films eventually led me to become interested in the other aspects of filmmaking.

Something Better is a comedic short about quirky and every day people who find themselves involved in a series of hilarious relationship mishaps. Our intention was to make a cute and innocent comedy that anyone could enjoy.